30+YouTube Channel & Blog Post Ideas to Guaranteed Successful in Content Creation Filed.


I will give you 30+ ideas about blog posts that are guaranteed to attract traffic to your blog. Today you will discover some blog posts ideas that you have never seen. Starting a blog is never easy, but before writing a blog post, you need to know who your audience is.

Know Your Audience

 Know Your Audience
Know Your Audience

I made this very easy for you.

It is covered below with a few fills.

“I help _ to _”

First, write down the kind of people you want to help. For example, women may be over 40 or women may be single mothers.

Then write down what they want to accomplish. For example, it might be weight loss or earning money.

After all, the information describes who will be using your website.

For example, you might want to help “men over 40 who want to lose weight,” or you might want to help “single moms make money through the Internet,” or after all, just fill in those two blanks and you’ll know. decide who your audience is.

Once you know who your audience is, then we can think about the kinds of things we’re going to do.

Both types of blog content

types of blog content
Types of blog content

There are two types of content on a blog.

The first way is to “Created content“, and the first things come from you (or someone on your team).

The second type of content is in the “Curated content‘” and is satisfied with other people doing so.

These are available on the internet and we take small pieces and reuse them to use on our blogs.

I’ll show you how to do it later.

So, let’s start with a list of content ideas for blog posts.

Created Content

Content Creations
Content Creations



You’ve probably heard of listicles before because they’re so easy to make. This is the first type of blog posting format that bloggers learn. Basically, you make a list.

And, really, the content I’m making for you right now is just a form of a list. As the name suggests, these are just a handful of lists.

For example, “10 Ways to Get ___” or “Seven Ways to ___”.

It would be hard to find easy ideas for blogging anywhere.

Spotlight blog Posts

Spotlight Posts
Spotlight Posts

The blog posts in the spotlight are similar to the interviews but different in a key area.

With a blog interview, we need to get in touch with someone and invite them to participate.

But in the spotlight, we don’t have to do that.

What are we doing; maybe an author or someone who did something. And then we write a blog post about why our audience needs to read or be aware of this person.

So, in essence, we are reporting on what has been done or what they have done.

Expert Interviews

Expert Interviews
Expert Interviews

We also have interviews with experts.

Again, these are easy blog posts to make. You approach someone who is recognized in your niche and ask him how he got a certain result.

It might be as simple as asking your personal trainer Bob how he helps his clients achieve dramatic weight loss in three months.

Or you can talk to people who have done the same things that your audience wants them to do.

And that’s why it’s essential to know who you’re talking to.

Who To Follow Posts

Follow Posts
Follow Posts

Below we have the blog posts to follow.

This in itself can be a bit of a list as well.

We can choose the best people in your niche and then give your audience a reason why they should follow them.

This is very important, if you expect something in return, then it is not an authentic list.

I looked at the people I really trust in digital marketing and then made a list of why and why my audience would appreciate their advice.

And what happened? Some of them promoted me in their audience.

Expert Roundups

Expert summaries are when you approach a handful of experts in your niche and ask them all the same question or a series of frequently asked questions that are frequently asked by the target audience.

Then compile their answers into a single blog post, which is now authorized.

What is really going on here behind the scenes; a percentage of these experts will then promote your article on social media.

They might even sign you up on their site, which will send traffic and give you link juice. This means that SEO will help you, helping your blog get more traffic from search engines.

So, an example of this could be “I asked 10 experts how to get more “, or “I asked 10 personal trainers how to lose weight fast”.

Cheat Sheets

Next, we have cheat sheets.

They are quick and easy to make.

Cheat sheets help your audience get results fast. They are used to make a task easier to understand.



Checklists are similar to cheat sheets, but they help your audience plan something in advance.

In general, you list the top 10 things that your audience may need to remember before achieving a certain result. For example, “10 things you need to remember for a camping trip.”

Cheat sheets and checklists are both good lead magnets, so you can reuse both pieces of content and use them to build your email list.



Checklists are similar to cheat sheets, but they help your audience plan something in advance.

In general, you list the top 10 things that your audience may need to remember before achieving a certain result. For example, “10 things you need to remember for a camping trip.”

Cheat sheets and checklists are both good lead magnets, so you can reuse both pieces of content and use them to build your email list.



We also have infographics.

Infographics are popular and incredibly shareable.

And when it comes to mobilizing and building links, they are also very effective because it is easy for other bloggers and other webmasters to put it on their website or share it on social networks and then to create a link to your site as a source.

The important thing about infographics; you must provide the original data.

For example, you could say something like “I analyzed the best tweets to find out the result of X” or find out who really does what, so

If you’re not very creative or good with Photoshop, then find someone on Fiverr to make an infographic for you.

Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates
Monthly Updates

Monthly updates are a quick way to build an audience.

Share your current journey and report your latest achievements or failures.

For example, you could make an income statement and reveal how much money you earned this month. People really respond to these because, again, they can be seen in the stories you share.

If you show that you share your results, it will motivate them. It will inspire them to take similar steps, so people will follow you.

Personal Stories

Never underestimate the impact of the story.

We have a hard time answering stories.

As children, we learn through storytelling – and this goes back to the days of cave people when we drew pictures on the cave to show where a predator is or if it is a food source.

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with an audience and drive traffic.

For example, you could say something like “how I overcame the struggle with weight”.

Your stories could start from a place of battle, ideally, this will be the same battle that your audience is facing.

And once you’ve talked about the journey and how you’ve overcome it, reveal how you got results – the same results your audience wants.

Stories like these are inspiring and can motivate people to take action. And what happens when someone reads a story? They see themselves in it.

So your stories are not really about you, but always about your audience.

Reaction blog Posts & Videos

We also have reaction (Videos) posts.

They work like this; we take someone else’s content and analyze it. We break it down and react to it.

For example, we could say something like “10 things I loved about X” – which could be someone’s book, article, or video on Youtube.

Open Letters

Open Letters
Open Letters

Open letters are very powerful because they tend to be widely distributed.

For example, you could say something like “an open letter to personal trainers” or “an open letter to the marketing guru”.

I’m easy to write because you just have to say what you think.

But it is important not to attack any individual, as this is a quick way to burn bridges.

Instead, it attacks ideas and values.

The moment you personalize with someone, you have gone down a negative path and I want to make sure that you contribute something of immense value and positivity to your niche.

We always do our best to leave niches in a better place than we found them. If you approach marketing from this angle, you will do very well because you offer value.

Prediction blog Posts & Videos

We can also make predictions.

Predictive blog posts are easy because all you have to do is look at current trends and figure out where you think things are going.

For example, you can create content that says “10 predictions for digital marketing in the next 12 months.”

And when you make predictions, you immediately establish yourself as a leader and as someone who has knowledge or at least has the authority to create or make predictions like these.

Heart To Heart blog Posts & Videos

A heart-to-heart is where we truly open up and truly understand our feelings.

It could be about how you feel about marketing and why it matters, or about how you feel about the weight loss industry and why it matters.

And here again, we talk about ideas and values and we talk on a personal human level. These types of blog posts can often have an element of vulnerability because we are all human, right?

We all have doubts and fears.

And if we can convey this through the content we create, then we will connect with people because they have the same doubts and fears. Sharing this part of your personality helps people align with you and feel connected to you.

It will connect with people as long as it is authentic and comes from a real place.

What is authenticity? It is authentic communication that speaks from the heart.


On the other hand, from heart-to-heart blog posts, we have disgusted.

But for you, it’s probably something else.

Maybe you want to break through what the weight loss industry is lying to you. Or why do personal trainers actually want to keep you fat?

Something about your niche that annoys you. As long as we don’t become personal or call any individuals, it will be cool.

You can attack strategies, techniques, philosophies, and values.


Slideshows will also help you position yourself as an authority figure, because if you participate in events or virtual events, or network with people, then you are clearly active in your niche.

So you can create a piece of content that shows the “to see” moments of an event that the audience may not have been aware of.

Charity blog Posts &Videos

Charity posts are a great way to support a cause.

Second, it will position you as a charitable person who thinks more than yourself.

We all give to charity when we can and if you can highlight a cause on your blog and encourage them to commute to your audience to support it, this is a win-win for everyone.

What happens when we donate to charity? We feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel that it improves our self-image. So giving to charity is a win-win.

Summaries Blog Posts

Below are summaries.

These blog posts are easy because you can read a book, attend an event, or take a course to summarize the “top 10 key information” in someone else’s content.

You can even watch a video on Youtube and summarize the best parts of it. Basically, we condense things and make them simpler and easier to digest for someone else.

Case Studies

Best top Case Studies
Case Studies

We still have case studies.

These are educational, but still different from tutorial blog posts. Instead of teaching someone how to do something, we look at what someone else has accomplished and invite them to share it with our audience.

So we divide it into steps, as we use their experience as a case study.

For example, we might want to share how someone got rid of a negative situation and the positive results they experience as a result.

Tutorials Videos & blog Post’s

Tutorials Videos & Post's
Tutorials Videos & Post’s

Tutorials help you position yourself as an authority figure because they are highly educational.

There are big chunks of content that will bring a lot of evergreen traffic to your blog.

Here’s how to do a tutorial; list the three major milestones your audience needs to go through to solve a very specific problem. Now go through each of the steps to complete each step.

Resource blog Posts

Resourceful blog posts can work in two ways.

First, you can list all the tools you use to accomplish something.

And then, in addition to listing those tools, you can also have affiliate links there.

And I think you might as well add some affiliate links to these types of blog posts, promote something, recommend something anyway. So you might as well earn a commission.

But I think it’s better if you only recommend tools that you actually use.

See, what is likely to happen; Once your blog gets a little action, people will email you questions and you need to be able to answer those questions.

Comparison blog Posts

As human beings, we are very bad at evaluating the value of something, but we are very good at making comparisons.

Thus, we can create a piece of content that compares products to each other.

For example, maybe something like “the best 5 rooms under $ 1,000.”

Sponsored blog Posts & Videos

Sponsored Posts & Videos
Sponsored Posts & Videos

Sponsored posts are simple, you pay someone to host your content on their website and then link to you.

But here’s a warning, if you go this route, be careful to reveal that it’s a sponsored post, according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

In general, links will not be tracked.

But listen, and that’s great because, for a healthy, organic backlink profile, you have to have a mix of nofollow and nofollow. Otherwise, it looks very unnatural and spam.

So you have to mix a little.

Guest blog Posts & Videos

Guest Posts & Videos
Guest Posts & Videos

Ok, I’ve written many times about the power of guest blogging, and if you want tips on guest blogging, I’ve covered it for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the strategy, we create content for other people’s sites, and in doing so, we do two things; add value to your niche and get backlinks to our site. This link juice will improve your blog’s SEO.

What if you don’t want to do that? No problem, you can use sponsored posts at any time.

News blog Posts & Videos

Daily News Posts
News Posts

News posts cover what’s happening in your niche right now, but I need to warn you here.

With these types of posts, you will initially see a large increase in traffic, but they are not forever green.

This means that in a month, these posts will probably receive very little traffic, if at all.

So, although news posts are good for that initial peak, as a long-term strategy it is not so good if you want to capture the evergreen traffic.

Industry News blog Posts

We can create news reports about major industry news or current events.

We’ll talk a little bit about current events later, but it’s generally anything that happens beyond your immediate world.

Corporate News Posts

On the other hand, in the industry news, we have corporate news.

These are all things that happen in your immediate world. For example, you have a sale or event coming up soon that you can write a news report about.

New Data

We can also discover new data and statistics.

If you want an in-depth tutorial on how to do this, read this powerful content marketing strategy.

Or listen, if you feel lazy, you can even go to Reddit or Facebook, create a poll or a poll, gather that data, and turn it into a news report.


Newsjacking is another very powerful strategy.

It’s all about taking current events and then making them relevant to your brand or niche.

But I saw some examples of newsjacking when he felt very forced. And because he felt forced, it didn’t have the desired impact.

So, to be fair, it has to feel natural and it has to feel organic.

Think about what is happening in the world right now and how this might impact or be relevant to your niche.

Then take that story to relevant bloggers, podcasts, and Youtubers who report on it.

Curated Content

Let’s move on to cleaned content.

So this is content that already exists elsewhere on the Internet and then we reuse it or ask other people to get involved to generate the content for us.


Daily  Polls
Daily Polls

We briefly touched on conducting surveys earlier, but this time we can conduct a survey or a survey on our blogs, marketing channels, or our email lists over which we have control, not in someone else’s group.

Then we can take that data and turn it into content, similar to a news post.

And you can use this data in many other ways, for example, you can turn it into an infographic.

Patchwork Posts

Patchwork blog posts are mysterious. You may not have heard of it before.

Little has been said about this strategy. However, it is a technique with which I have had massive amounts of success.

Literally, millions of visitors came to one of my blogs, which consisted mainly of organized content – using this mosaic technique.

What are we doing; take small portions of content from multiple sources and weave them together.

It is very easy to do.

So we could take a paragraph of content from the BBC and then assign it as the original source, of course. Then we write a few lines about why it is important and what it really means to our audience.

And then we go to another source and take another content. So a paragraph from CNN or Fox or anywhere, and it repeats itself.

In essence, take some of the other people’s content, just a paragraph or two, send it to them as a source, and add a short comment.

And then you have fresh content.

Now, to make sure Google doesn’t see it as duplicate content, you want to include the paragraphs you take in block quote tags.

So that tells Google it was taken from elsewhere. Then you will be perfect.

This means that you can have an article from several sources to create something that the Internet has never seen before. And that will be of immense value to your industry.


We also have crowdsourced posts, which can be similar to surveys because we rely on our audience to generate content for us.

So, for example, we can ask them a question and then create a piece of content based on their answers.

To create a multifunctional blog post, you can send an email to your list by asking a single question and combining all the answers into a single blog post.

And you can also turn this into a news report if you want.

Media Embeds

Media Embeds
Media Embeds

Media embedding is one of the fastest types of blog posts to make.

So, for example, we go to Youtube, find the best videos, embed them in a blog post, and write a few lines about why we think people should watch them.

“Why” is important.

We need to add a comment for each video for the best results. And now we have clean content that is valuable to our audience.

Social Media Embeds

Similar to embedding media, we can do the same with social media platforms.

So you can access Twitter, retweet tweets, and embed them in your blog posts.

Facebook, Instagram all allow the incorporation of content. And as long as we connect back to the original source and wrap things in quotes when necessary, it’s okay.

With the incorporation of social networks, we still offer enormous value to our audience.


In today’s article, we learned about 30 + blog ideas. If you like these ideas or you are starting your blog or YouTube channel on any of these ideas, then definitely write us in the comment box. Tell me.
We will be happy 😊

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