Top 11 YouTube Channel Ideas

Now that you have decided to create a channel, you might be feeling wary of choosing the right idea/theme for it. And it is okay to feel that way because not all channels are successful

1. Photography and Videography Channel

If you are amidst those with such an artistic sense, you can start either a Photography or a Videography channel, depending on your field of expertise and comfort.  

2. Educational Channels

So it makes perfect sense to create videos that would help the audience find those answers and educate themselves.

3. Gaming Channel

Would you believe that the channel with the second-highest number of subscribers started as a gaming channel Well, whether you believe it or not, that’s the fact!

4. Vlogging Channel

Vlogging channels have been gaining popularity since forever! And the best part about it is that you can choose any topic of your interest and vlog about it. 

5. Tech Channel

In this digital world, everything is dealt with and governed by technology. Right from kids to adults, we are all on our phones or tablets or laptops always. 

6. Fitness Channels

At some point in time, people become conscious of their bodies and weight. They start taking special care of themselves, go on a diet, make a new year’s resolution to shed those extra pounds, and register in the gym, only to find their lazy selves not able to move their asses. 

7. Comedy Channel

Comedy can attract a vast audience. Though it is tough to create, making the right kind of humor can hit you the right way 

8. Makeup Channel

Everyone likes to look good and be presentable. But not everyone knows the steps to put on makeup perfectly…

9. Experiment Channel

You would have seen such videos everywhere. And God knows why we get attracted to such videos! I have to admit this. Last week, I caught myself watching a 20-minute video of two men strapping a watermelon with elastic bands till it exploded! 

10. Toys Review Channel

For these toy review videos, you can even make your kids do a cameo! Or even better, you can make the kid review their toys. Seeing a kid explain things in detail can make viewers go awestruck.