On-Page SEO Checklist (PART 1)

Images: Unsplash BY Piotech INDIA

you can bring your blog and website to the top result of Google, that too for free without paying any money, just need to understand SEO.

Quality Content

The biggest ranking factor in Google SERP is your content, the more quality content you publish in your blog, the more your on-page SEO will improve and you will also get good Google rankings:-

SEO Friendly Title

Blog writing starts, the more attractive title you make from the blog title, the more your blog's Organic Search CTR will improve.


Permalink is called the URL of your blog post and pages, if you are a WordPress blogger then you should keep the structure of your permalink like this.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is very helpful in On-Page SEO and it has many benefits. If we talk about Wikipedia which is a very high authority website, then you can see how much Internal Linking is used in its blog. does.

External linking

Similarly, if you link any pages, posts, and blogs of any other external website in your post, then it is called external linking.

First 150 words

The first 150 words of a blog article are very important in blogging, when any user comes to read your blog, then only a few lines at the beginning of your blog decide whether the user will read your post further or skip to the next article.


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