How to Start a Money-Making Blog

in this story will show you how to start a money-making blog in 20 minutes with just the most basic skills.

Start a money-making blog Everyone can start a blog, but to rank it, many people get killed and stop working on the blog. Because a lot of people were already working on the niche in which he started his blog.

Choose a Right Blog Niche

To take the website online, we need a domain name. This is because whenever someone wants to visit our website, he will enter the domain of our website in any of his browsers, then our website will open in his browser.

Buy a Good Domain Name

If you want to run a good website, then you will need this good web hosting, if you search about web hosting on the internet, then you will get web hosting very cheap there.

Buy Best Hosting for a blog

Now you can see by entering the domain name of your website in any browser, your website will start opening. But right now our website will be looking normal, we have to do some things to make this website even better.

Basic Blog Setup

There is also a theme that is also very fast-loading and the theme is also very good in terms of viewing. So let us now know how to apply a theme on the blog.

Install a theme on a WordPress blog

The only advantage of creating a blog on WordPress is that if you do not have much technical knowledge, then this plugin makes your work very easy. So let’s know which plugins you should install in your blog.

Install the plugin on the WordPress blog

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Types of Blogs that Make Money

So I have tried to understand to you very what how to earn money from Blog. I hope that you have liked this information I have told. And if someone asks you anything about blogging like how to earn money from a blog, then you can share the post with those people so that those people can also know better about blogging.

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