Top 10+ Best WordPress Website Builders?

with WordPress page builders, you don't need coding skills to customize your posts and pages. The extension replaces or complements the standard editor and includes many customizable builds

With WordPress page creators, you don’t need coding skills to customize your posts and pages. The extension replaces or complements the standard editor and includes many customizable builds, such as galleries, buttons, and text areas that can be assembled by dragging and dropping. But there is more than one WordPress page generator on the market. We’ll show you 15 different plugins to help you get started with WordPress faster.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Why do developers need to drag the WordPress theme
  • Key Features of WordPress Page Builders
  • 16 Best WordPress Page Builders Currently Available

Why should developers use WordPress Page Builder?

Using drag-and-drop themes in WordPress can save you a lot of time as a developer. But there are other benefits to WordPress page builders, including

  • Faster creation of mockups. Once you are in the early planning stages of a new project, it is normal to make mockups for the websites you have created. Using drag-and-drop WordPress themes speeds up this process a lot and allows you to give customers even more choices.
  • The ability to create templates for recycling. You can use WordPress Page Builder to create website templates. So not only does the Site Builder make the construction process easier, it also allows you to create a template with the drag-and-drop blocks that you can use again.
  • Faster website edits and style variations. When a client has an edit request, you can implement these changes much faster than if you had to code them manually.
  • A wide range of site features. Even if you are an expert in different programming languages, it is time-consuming to manually create (or implement) complex functions. Drag-and-drop WordPress themes and page builders have intricate functionality around blocks that you drag into your design.

This means you can offer your customers more features and services

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder
WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder the best WordPress page builder from WordPress is the WP Page Builder. This free option streamlines the page creation process with a fully visual editor.

Key features
Drag and drop live page building system
Mobile-optimized and responsive pages
Pre-designed templates and blocks
Widget support
Undo/redo options
Customize fonts, styles, colors, and layouts

Best WordPress page builder for beginners and experienced developers alike.



Elementor is the WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. It has the widest range of features, yet it is very easy to use and learn. Elementor is the most fully developed free page builder. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer functionality.

One of the easiest to use page builders on the market with their intuitive and unique context menus, navigator, and search features.

Page builders should help without having to hire expensive developers, but most of them are awkward, hard to use, have messy code, and negatively affect my site’s performance.

Until Elementor came.

Key features of Elementor
Over 50 Pro widgets
Over 300 Pro Templates
10 full website kits
Builders for themes and forms
Woocommerce and pop-up builder
A year of support and updates

Elementor is one of the best WordPress site builders I have tried. It’s intuitive, feature-rich, easy to use, and does not slow down my website – all I could ask for.

Advantage of Elementor
The free version already comes with plenty of templates and features
Layouts can be set flexibly and precisely
Fast, fluid editing mode including real-time front-end editing
Many high-quality elements that can be quickly adjusted and used
Elementor users can get fresh elements and templates from many third-party providers.
Deactivation does not leave any shortcode garbage behind
The Pro version comes with a pop-up builder, visual form generator, animations, and special effects for engaging content.
Elementor supports translations with plugins like WPML
Development interfaces for comprehensive integration are available

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is currently the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. It was formerly called Visual Composer but has since been developed into a separate tool, and the paging functionality has remained with WPBakery.

Key features of WPBakery Page Builder
WPBakery Page Builder can be used with virtually any WordPress theme
A robust template library
Built-in skin builder permits quick element styling
50+ content elements
Fully extendable via WPBakery Page Builder API
Advanced grid builder
Dedicated support Monday-Saturday

WPBakery Page Builder acts as an external and internal page builder that allows you to create responsive designs. With multiple templates and great flexibility, this is a great choice.

Many content elements, also available from third-party providers
Integration possible with more than 250 known plugins
Many design templates
Slow, somewhat cluttered interface
Parts of the interface are not up to date, for example, the image size has to be entered manually via “large”, “thumbnail” or “small”.
No automatic save function

Oxygen Builder

oxygen Builder
Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is a tool that allows you to build a complete WordPress website. It’s not a page generator or a theme, but a hybrid product that allows you to have more control over what you create.

Although Oxygen Builder is powerful, you will not find it as easy to use as other page-building tools. So it will require patience and effort.

Key features
Drag and drop visual editing
Visual control of WooCommerce
Custom header builder
Global colors
Fully extendible for developers 
Dynamic data

With prices ranging from $ 99 to $ 169 for a lifetime license, you will not find a better price for such a tool.

Advantages of Oxygen
Intuitive user interface
Complex layouts can be put together very quickly
Many content elements and templates
Support of PHP and JavaScript will make developers happy
Customer-friendly pricing
Disadvantages of Oxygen
Shortcodes are generated
Focus is on developers, which can also be an advantage depending on your point of view


brizy page builder
brizy page builder

Brizy is a free WordPress page builder built into React. It represents a new way of building websites with WordPress, which is both innovative and very easy to use.

Key features
Real-time editing
Drag and drop WordPress theme interface
400+ templates
Visual contact forms
Animated sliders
Customization for borders, corners, margins, and padding
Shadows, image focus, and zoom
Global styling support

A rootless interface, inline editing, global styling, and blocks redefine easy page building.

You can get help at their help center by submitting a request. The Help Center still lacks detailed content.

Advantages of Brizy
Delightfully simple and fluid editing in real-time, directly in the frontend
Over 150 ready-to-use content blocks
Many professional layouts for numerous application scenarios
Fast creation of column layouts
Extended user administration with role assignment
Brizy Pro can also edit footers and headers
Global Blocks for cross-website content distribute
Fast automatic save function
Brizy is quickly provided with updates
Disadvantages of Brizy
Basic features are limited and could be upgraded

Themify Builder

Themify Builder
Themify Builder

Themify Builder is a WordPress page builder mainly integrated with Themify built-in themes. However, it can be used with other themes.

In my testing, I found that Themeify Builder is not as intuitive as I would like.

Key features of Themify Builder
40+ pre-designed layouts
Support for rows, columns, and grid layouts
The ability to create Layout Parts
60+ animation effects
Custom styling
Variety of add-ons
Support for custom code and shortcodes

There are many support issues here in the comments. We are concerned about the low cost and the ability to provide high-quality support.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder
Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is a WordPress page builder that includes many themes sold on the ThemeForest marketplace. This also makes it one of the most commonly used themes.

It’s hard to say anything good about Visual Composer. Let’s just say that people do not prefer to use Visual Composer, they are forced to do so because it is included in the theme they have purchased.

First of all, therefore, I would never buy a theme that it would be bundled in.

  • Visual Composer Hub with many extensions
Text and layout can be edited directly on the page
Attractive layouts can be created after only a short training period
Visual Composer Hub with many extensions
3-in-1 solution: front-end and tree view editor
Development interface
Elements can be hidden and displayed again later
Supports CSS and JavaScript editing
The undo and redo functions do not work correctly
Parts of the interface are outdated, for example, the image size has to be entered as a word

Divi Builder 6

Divi Builder 6 page builder
Divi Builder 6

Divi is one of the original WordPress theme and page builder combinations. It has been around for many years and because of this, it has a huge following. It boasts many innovative features that are unique to Divi.

While some aspects of using Divi Builder are straightforward, there are too many options out there that can quickly become overwhelming.

I understand why people buy Divi. There’s a lot in it, especially after the release of Divi 4, which added a theme-building feature that was missing, but now it’s here.

Key features
Visual and responsive editing
40+ design modules
800 pre-made website layout packs
Inline text editing
Global elements and styles
Undo and redo functions
Total element customization 
CSS styling options

I would say the price and the lifetime opportunity are very attractive.

In addition, the Divi team has grown into a well-tuned machine over the last 12 months that has delivered incredible features and improvements. If that was not enough, then they have also released insanely many free templates and a template manager for them. Despite the above issues, this is a good value for money.

Advantages of Divi Builder
Wireframe mode
Disadvantages of Divi Builder
Large Divi CSS file
Based on shortcodes

Beaver Builder

beaver builder
beaver builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress website

a builder that is loved by both site builders and home builders. Its reputation for developer-friendly, clean code and reliable updates has resulted in it being used by over a million websites.

Incredibly easy to use and lightning fast, you do not need to read a manual to use it.

Key Features
Several easy-to-insert modulesKey features
Live and front-end editing
Responsive and mobile-friendly designs
Support for shortcodes, widgets, and WooCommerce
The ability to enable Editor Mode to hand off websites to clients 
Full customer support 
Several easy-to-insert modules

I have personally used this page builder every day for years, so I have a lot to say about this plugin – both good and not so good. So if you want an honest, drawn-from-comprehensive experience review, you’re in the right place.

Advantages of Beaver Builder
The free version offers important basic features
Excellent front-end editing with fast switching to preview mode in real-time
Does not create shortcodes, but clear HTML and CSS code
Changes are retained even after deactivating the plugin
Top performance
Disadvantages of Beaver Builder
Comparatively few content components



SeedProd is a premium drag and drops landing page plugin for WordPress. In our opinion, this is by far the best WordPress page builder on the market when it comes to speed and ease of use.

You can choose from over 100+ beautiful ready-made templates or create a fully customized layout with an easy-to-use drag and drop WordPress page builder (no coding required).

There are ready-made templates for landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, upcoming pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, and more.

SeedProd is the fastest page builder on the market. Moreover, it is the most affordable. Their large library of ready-made templates and professional blocks is a huge time saver. The ability to customize every little detail makes it the perfect solution for all WordPress users.


Gutenberg page builder

The current basic functions of Gutenberg are currently similar to those of WPBakery Page Builder: quickly drag and drop content, publish and that’s it. Gutenberg is primarily aimed at the average WordPress user who wants to quickly redesign their content. However, professionals expect more features from a WordPress page builder, such as B. Live front-end editing, custom layouts, a wide variety of elements, and advanced design including the use of PHP and JavaScript.

Advantages of Gutenberg
Additional installation is not necessary
Simple interface
Good for simple content design
Disadvantages of Gutenberg
No frontend mode
Other WordPress page builders offer more possibilities

Finally thought on best WordPress page builders

WordPress page administrators mentioned in this guide are some of the best solutions that need a quick yet solid design. In addition to features, it also lists the user experience. Here the builder tests each page before you’re interviewed.

This gift pull and drop WordPress themes and overall quality time-saving makes it useful for any developer. At least one of the builders discussed here will be helpful.

Team Piotech INDIA
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