Roadmap To Get JOBS at Google

Roadmap To Get JOBS at Google
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Do you Daydream about working at Google(JOB at Google), Vince Vaughn’s word running through your mind telling you how amazing Google is with all the unlimited free food, nap pods, massage rooms, slides, and a mile-long list of other perks?

Google offers Jobs in the following domains primarily – 

  • Engineering: Technical roles at Google include software engineering, STA engineering, application development, product management, etc.
  • Business: Non-technical jobs at Google include quantitative business analysis, business operations management, sales strategy, etc.
  • Design: You can also apply for roles such as UI/UX designer, UX writer, visual designer, UX researcher, etc.

Channels for applying:

  • Google careers: One can apply for jobs at Google directly through the Google website.
  • Campus placements: Google visits select few colleges/universities like IIT, NIT, DTU, etc. for college placement programs.
  • APAC Test: Top competitors may get an opportunity to interview for a technical job at Google.
  • Employee referrals: Legend has it that Google requiters are active on LinkedIn, and if your resume impresses them, they might call you for an interview.

What after applying for jobs at Google online?

Telephonic/Hangout interview:
This interview focuses on evaluating your role-related knowledge. For technical roles, this interview covers your knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
Google requiters usually ask open-ended questions with no one correct answer, so candidates have the freedom to draw from their own experience.
Tip: Google follows a behavioral interview approach which means you will need to provide examples from your own experience to back up your resume.
An Interview Question
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