How to Optimize Website for Voice Search in 2021 (Voice Search SEO)

Optimize Website for Voice Search

Looking for a step-by-step process in voice search SEO? Then look again. Whether you know it or not, half of all online searches are done by voice search, and the number is growing every year by year. If you have not already set up your site for voice testing, it is time to fix it. Why? For voice search is Future. You know that voice trading will grow to $ 40 billion by 2022.

Voice Commerce Sales 

As you can see above, voice-over-volume trading is estimated at $ 40 billion in the U.S. and $ 5 billion in the UK. 2022. We hope you are convinced now to upgrade your site for voice testing if you want to stay in the game in the future. Let’s get to the details now.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Let’s talk about voice-first.

“Voice recognition is a word search technology that allows users to answer search questions on a device.”

Simply put, voice search allows the researcher to use voice commands to search the Internet. This means that users can use the search engine by talking on the phone or computer.

Many platforms allow people to use their voices to view messages and messages online.

Examples include Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and more.

Now let’s talk about SEO voice analysis.

Optimize content for voice search 

What is voice search SEO? That’s why it’s so important to find what keywords people are using to get feedback

People use different keywords to find information online

For example, people may type “hospital near me”, but with the help of voice search they will say “what is the hospital next to me”.

You can

People often use the word “developed, long-tail key” in their voice search.

Voice Search Optimization Statistics:

Here are some amazing voice search SEO statistics

  • ComScore reports that 50% of all searches will be voice-based searches by 2020
  • Google claims that 27% of the world’s online population use voice search on mobile
  • 72% of people with voice-based speakers (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home) say their devices are mostly used as part of their daily routine
  • A Gartner study predicts that 30% of all browsing sessions will cover voice search by 2021
  • According to the Adobe Analytics survey, the most common voice search on smart speakers is listening to music (70%) and weather forecasting (64%) followed by fun queries (53%), online search (47%), news (46%) and guidance. Asking (34%)

What are the benefits of upgrading your website for voice search?

Here are some great benefits to optimizing your web site for voice search in 2021 and beyond

High score: According to a report, approximately 75% of voice search results for a particular desktop search query go to the top 3 positions. So if you are optimizing your content for voice search, you will start attracting more visitors from search engines like Google.

Best rights: Starting your voice search will eventually strengthen your site’s power. New visitors will discover your site that enhances your overall organic visibility.

More revenue: If more and more people start searching for your site with voice search, it will eventually increase the website’s revenue (or profits from an online store).

So are you ready to learn how to do voice search SEO? Let’s find out.

Voice Search Optimization: 7 Crazy Ways to Optimize Your Website

Google has a search engine for free.

Google search engine

Voice Search gives you an answer instead of the top 10 results.

For example, if you use a smart voice control device like Google Home or Amazon Echo, you only get one answer (i.e., one result).

If you want to get more out of voice search SEO, you need to give the best results for user control.

Thus, voice search changes SEO.

In fact, Backlinko conducted an interesting case study on voice search, where they found that “Content that dominates desktop search is also likely to appear in response to voice search. In fact, about 75% of voice search results are in the top 3 of a given query. “

This is true for screenless voice search tools like Google Home, as they only return one answer (one result).

Fortunately, when people use voice search on a cell phone or desktop computer (or laptop), they may be able to choose from the first 3 results, not always the FIRST result.

Here, you can go a long way in optimizing your content for “Rich Answers.”

Therefore, be sure to optimize the shape of the clips.

The selection clip provides an overview of the response to the user’s query. It appears at the top of Google search results and is processed from a webpage, along with the page’s title and URL.

It looks like this

Google Search

As you can see, the figure above is a “highlighted detail”. When you search for “most read book in the world”, Google displays the answer directly along with the site’s title and URL, so you do not have to surf the web much to get the answer.

Optimizing your content for selected snippets is probably the best way to rank your voice search.

Here are some interesting facts about the highlighted excerpts.

  • Of the one million questions analyzed by STAT, 9.28% contained extracts
  • More than 70% of the selected extracts were not from the very first organic result (this is good news, which means you can get the detailed details even if you are in 5th place)
  • Highlighted excerpts are displayed with an image 27.58% of the time (so be sure to use illustrations and images in your content)

Here are some effective tips for ranking Google Answer Box AKA Highlights.

  • Answer the question clearly and try to answer it in 100 words. In our experience, Google snippets also show links. So do not hesitate to add links.
  • Add to-do list entries. You will have a better chance of ranking highlighted statements if you create tracklist entries.
  • Be sure to include lists, graphs, and spreadsheets, as they often appear in Google’s response box.

First of all, follow the best-highlighted snippets of code to rank your inbox on Google.

Use question-based keywords

Every time a user searches Google for a question-based keyword, Google tries to answer the question.

It looks like this

question-based keywords

From above, “internet users in the world 2020?” If looking for question-based questions like. – Google immediately gives you an instant response (this is called a “response box” or “section section”).

Google uses “semantic search technology” to process user queries.

Google’s “Search Engines” section uses the same semantic technology to provide relevant keyword conditions at the end of the search results.

Semolina search technology considers the following:

  • Understanding the Natural Language (NLP)
  • User context
  • The content of the running of the question
  • Identify the organization

So if you want to optimize your website for voice search, start targeting question-based keywords.

How to find keyword-based keywords?

The easiest (and free) way to find query-based keywords is to use “[search related to your keywords” “because it will help you identify all the keywords you can find.

For example, if you try ranking for “How to clean a Mac,” you can use the “Related Google Search” section to find out what people are asking for.

To seeInternet User In the world

 Look at that? In the “Related Google Searches” section you will find all the relevant keyword-based keywords for most of the phrases used.

Additionally, you can use the Semrush Keyword Research Tool to find keyword queries.

Focus on long-tail keywords

long-tail keywords

Did you know that 70% of searches are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail SEO

Do you know why 70% of online searches have a long tail for SEO? As natural language search (NLP) grows faster, more and more people are moving toward long-tailed searches.

Besides, large e-commerce sites like Amazon account for 57% of sales based on long-tail keywords.

Here are some more reasons to use long-tail keywords in 2021.

  • Long-tail keywords provide high conversion rates
  • Easy to rank (due to low competition or monthly searches)
  • In most cases, you don’t have to create a lot of links to get long-tail keywords in the 1st place.
  • People use long-tail keywords in voice searches (so it definitely helps in voice search SEO )
  • And the list goes on

So how do you choose the best long-tail keywords for your niche?

One of the easiest ways to find long-tail keywords is to take a broad item and start typing it into google.

You’ll then see Google’s autocomplete instructions;

Google’s long tail

Look? If you enter a broad keyword phrase like “best laptop” into Google search, you’ll get plenty of long-tail keyword ideas like Google Autosuggestions.

While Google Autocomplete is great, it takes a long time to manually find great long-tail keywords. Most of the time you lose “hidden keywords”.

Create Conversion Content

Conversion Content

 Did you know that Google search results are written in average 9th grade?

Simple, easy-to-read material can help you improve your audio research.

Remember to work on your conversation as well.

Do not use jargon. Do not write to an audio organization. Write while talking. This is the best way to improve your vocabulary.

Here are some tips for effective language content that help you start a better voice search.

Solve the problem: write a problem for each blog post. Select a topic (or topic) for later posts. Try to check the information on this from A to Z. Ten times more than the other 10 best hits.

Usage: Use images such as photos, videos, or images in your blog posts. They attract an audience and entertain their topics. Tools like Canva can help create beautiful scenes for your articles.

Say it again: say it when you can. Share Your Experience People connect to stories. That’s why we often write about blog mistakes, visits, and reviews, not just their audience.

Find good topic ideas: No matter how good your topic is, most people don’t get involved in your topic that isn’t interesting. That’s why it’s important to know your audience, to know their needs and desires, and to come up with good ideas to communicate with them.

Long text creation: Did you know that long text has an average of 77.2% more links than short text? There is a lot of talk about “long-format content is always good on Google”. Build more than 2,000 articles for the most important keywords.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly website

As most voice searches occur on mobile devices, it is not possible to fully optimize your site for mobile devices.

And … most importantly, Google uses mobile indexing first.

This is what Google says about – indexing on a mobile device first means that Google uses content as a mobile version for ranking and ranking.

Yes … there was a time when all the search ratings were based on the desktop version of your site (including your mobile rating).

But after launching indexing on the first mobile device, only responsive mobile sites, which are faster and provide a better user experience, gain first-page ranking in mobile search.

The first mobile example

So if your website is not yet mobile-friendly, get a mobile theme or install a plugin like WP Touch to make it responsive.

Improve Website loading speed

Website loading speed

Nobody wants Google to load very slowly. In fact, site speed is a ranking factor as Google rewards sites with high traffic.

The same goes for search engine audio – you can improve your website’s load times for better rankings.

In fact, TTFB (first-byte time) plays an important role in improving Google’s ranking. The first byte is when each website visitor has to wait for the first response after sending a query over the Internet.

Google found bounce rates on mobile phones were 9.56 percent higher than on desktops.

Less attention is paid to smartphone users, especially those who use voice search. Therefore, you need to make sure your websites are quickly available, especially on mobile devices.

Here are some proven ways to speed up your website to increase your voice search ranking opportunities.

Use the right web host: Did you know your hosting provider can affect the speed of your website? Research shows that up to 40% of people will report your site if it takes more than three seconds to load your site. So if you want to improve your traffic and communication, getting started with web hosting quickly may not be your brain.

If you did not prefer longer load times, consider WPX hosting as it provides the best performance for your website.

Use CDN: According to BuiltWith, 41% of 10,000 people use a CDN (content delivery network). If you are directing traffic from all over the world using a CDN, your website content will be distributed to users from short distances.

You are better off visiting a web host that offers a free CDN (WPX Hosting offers a free CDN to all of its users) or you can use a free CDN like Cloud Flyer to increase your website loading times. You can use the network.

Install Caching Plugin: A caching plugin that creates static HTML pages for your website and stores them on the host server. This way, every time someone tries to access your website, your caching plugin handles a lightweight HTML page instead of processing the entire page.

Improve local SEO

local SEO

Did you know that 39% of voice search users are looking for information about a job?

So you can’t ignore local SEO, because people have to optimize local SEO rankings when they search for local businesses using voice search.

Take a look at the example below.

Nearby me

Nearby me

As the Above points out, local businesses can have better organic levels if they clean up local SEO optimization.

Yelp, Yell, Google My Business, and more. You can’t ignore local business directories like, because they are customer prices, business information, and so on. they can help the show.

Here are some local search ranking factors that can be ignored.

Google Assistant returns the longest response of 41 words

By optimizing for Google Assistant, companies can use local SEO techniques

You can get the best rating by creating a high Yelp rating and positive customer feedback on Apple Siri

Here are some great tips for improving local voice search SEO.

Create a Google My Business (GMB) account, which is a must for anyone who wants to place their work on Google Search. Be sure to provide the correct business information, such as name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Access online directories of local businesses such as Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Book, Apple Maps, and more, and try to get as much customer feedback as possible to stay ahead of your competitors.

Optimize URLs, title tags, headlines, meta description, and content. Whether you work on a regular website or a local business website, you need to update your search list.

Most importantly, follow these important local SEO tips to get 1st place on Google.


Hope you guys have liked these voice search SEO tips

And tell you that

Users use their voice assistants to search for something rather than typing their queries. Therefore, it is very clear that voice search is increasing rapidly.

You tell us that you

Already using your website for voice search? Do you have any questions? Tell us in the comments.

FAQs | Voice Search SEO

What is Voice Search SEO?

Vocabulary search is a form of communication that allows users to search for and pronounce words aloud instead of writing them in pockets.

How many Google search terms are there?

About 50% of all searches use keywords in online searches and the number is growing. According to Google, 27% of people worldwide use voice search on their mobile phones.

How do you use your voice search?

If you want to choose a word search, you need to add the extracted images. Also, allow long keywords to choose word search. Make sure you provide accurate information and use keywords in the questions if possible.
What are the best tools for keyword and Voice Search SEO?

Here are some amazing tools you can use to improve your search SEO

Answer the public
Ubersuggest (freemium tool)
Google Search Console

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