Why avoid Nulled WordPress themes and plugins?

Nulled themes and plug-ins are pirated copies of premium WordPress products.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should avoid Nulled WordPress themes and plug-ins, especially if you’re serious about your site.

What are Nulled WordPress themes and plugins?

Nulled WordPress themes and plug-ins are pirated copies of paid WordPress themes and plug-ins that are distributed unethically on the Internet.

People redistributing reset items argue that because WordPress and all derivative works (such as extensions and themes) are licensed under the GPL, copying, and distribution are perfectly fine.

While this is true, it is often costly. Not only will this cost you money for good WordPress companies, but most importantly, the security and integrity of your websites will be compromised if you use these Nulled WordPress themes and plug-ins.

Yes, often these Nulled themes and extensions are the reason why your sites are hacked.

Here are some key reasons to avoid using Nulled WordPress plug-ins and themes on your site.


WordPress Security
WordPress Security

Nulled WordPress plug-ins and themes are extremely dangerous to the security of WordPress. They are known to carry malware.

Malicious code can spread between different files to disguise itself, making it difficult to detect and repair a hack.

You may also lose your site data during the hacking process. Last but not least, your site may be removed by search engines for spreading malware.


Wordpress Privacy
WordPress Privacy

Nulled WordPress themes and plug-ins can hide other types of malicious code. It may contain code that steals information about your WordPress site and makes it available to hackers on the dark web.

This information may include your username, email address, and password. If you run an online store or membership site, your customers ’personal information may also be at risk.

These types of hacks are hard to spot and can go unnoticed as your WordPress site continues to function properly.

Not Good for SEO


Pirated WordPress themes and plug-ins can completely ruin your WordPress SEO. Nulled WordPress themes and plug-ins can add spam links to your site or hijack users and redirect them to the wrong sites.

These activities are difficult for the human eye to detect because the links are well hidden in the code. You may not be redirected when you sign in to your WordPress account. However, search engines quickly notice this and penalize your site by degrading your search rankings or stopping your site from being fully indexed.

You have to spend months recovering your site’s SEO rankings, and sometimes you even have to build a new site from scratch.

No Access to Updates

 WordPress Updates
WordPress Updates

Most WordPress themes and plugins release regular updates to fix bugs, add new features and fix security issues. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins cannot receive these updates because they do not have a valid license key.

As a result, the WordPress blog has an outdated version that is buggy and unsafe.

WordPress itself regularly releases new versions, and sometimes you need to update themes and extensions to keep them up to date with the latest changes. Because the theme reset or plug-in cannot be updated, your site may be unavailable or unavailable.

For more information on WordPress updates, check out our article Why You Should Always Be Using the Latest Version of WordPress and How To Manage WordPress Updates.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues
Legal Issues

Many WordPress themes and plug-ins are open sources, but some are sold under mixed licenses. This means that parts of the code are copyrighted and if you are using an invalid WordPress theme or plug-in you will not have any legal permission to do so.

Pirated copies of WordPress themes can lead to data theft, data loss, or the distribution of illegal content. All of this can lead to lawsuits where you can pay large sums of money to lawyers.

Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation
Support & Documentation

Even the most experienced WordPress users need support and documentation to use premium WordPress themes and extensions properly.

The developers of these products spend a lot of time providing support and documentation to their users. They even hire support experts to answer questions and add new tutorials on a regular basis.

If you are using a Nulled WordPress theme or plug-in, you are alone. You can’t ask developers for help if you need help. In addition, you do not have access to documentation and tutorials as they can only be accessed by paying customers.

The abundance of free alternatives


No one has a reason to use Nulled WordPress themes and extensions. No matter which WordPress theme or plug-in you choose, there are always several suitable free alternatives available.
For WordPress themes, check out our expert selection of the best free WordPress themes that are as good as premium themes.

WordPress.org offers thousands of free extensions and themes. Some of them are even better than many premium products. Most importantly, you can use them legally without weighing your conscience and without negatively impacting the WordPress community.

We hope this article helped you find out why you should avoid resetting WordPress extensions and themes. You may also want to read our article on the cost of building a WordPress site for tips on saving money.

Access to New Features

New Features
New Features

As mentioned earlier, WordPress themes and extensions are updated regularly, and these updates often include new features. If you’re using a pirated WordPress product, you won’t be able to get automatic updates or know that new features are available.

These new features can greatly improve your website and make more money online. However, you will be completely unaware of these changes and will fall back on the outdated version.

Unethical use Discourages innovation

Discourages innovation
Discourages innovation

Well, some might argue that this is a tiny piece of software, and I’m doing this because I can’t afford to pay for it right now. However, that little snippet of code is the result of a person’s skill, talent, and hard work. It takes money away from developers by using reset software.

Not only do developers spend their time writing code, but they also need to provide support, create documentation, build a website, hire support staff, and spend a lot of money to run their business. Using Nulled software is detrimental to their business and they lose money.

These unethical practices can deter developers from creating new innovative products that will benefit millions of users.


In today’s article, we have learned why not apply nulled theme or plugin to your website. If you like these tips or you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section below.

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