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when you write a note to someone that will self district after they read it.

This is a website that makes it sound like it’s raining outside.

It’s amazing if you need to concentrate on studying.

For those times you need a throwaway email address. The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self-district in 10 minutes.    

Do you spend all your Netflix time trying to figure out which movie to watch? Problem Solved!! – A basic study guide for upcoming tests on that book, or if you don’t get what the chapter is about you can go on SparkNotes and it will help in a simpler form.

check username availability across all social media sites at once. – Solutions to all of life’s problems. – an answer engine that can solve nearly any mathematic equation. – simply white noise to drown out everything around you. – a simple challenge do nothing for 2 minutes.

can you do it?

If you’re an international student and are looking to find cheap accommodations then check out that website.

This website provides free high-definition images without a background.

Know how much time it takes to complete a game. An interesting website, isn’t it?

For making flowchart easily.

A flowchart is really useful.

Check whether the website is down or not.

Are you an entrepreneur, then definitely check this one.

Build Your Business with Foundr

Lifehacker is the place to learn how to do just about anything better, faster, and smarter.

Turn an animated gif into a printable flipbook. Probably the most useful website of all time.

Easily make your own online comic strips. 

Warning: very addictive. – This shows you exactly how to close any social media account forever, not just disable them. – Find out which adhesive to use to attach one material to another, Basic but useful. – when you need to find the name of a song.

Flip text and then use it on Twitter and Facebook. 


Are you bugged constantly to signup for websites, even though you do not wish to share your email? If yes, then Bugmenot is for you. 
Instead of creating new logins, Bugmenot has shared logins across thousands of websites that can be used.

Zero Dollar Movies

If you are on a constant lookout for free-length movies, then Zero Dollar movies provide a collection of over 15000 movies in multiple languages that are available to watch for free on Youtube.
It indexes only full-length movies and no trailers, or partial uploads.
In addition, it has a clean interface, contributing to a good movie-watching experience.

It converts your email address into a short custom URL, that can be shared on public websites.
This prevents your email id from getting picked up by spam robots, and email harvesters who are on a constant lookout from your email id.


Tineye is a reverse image search tool that is as accurate as of the Google reverse image search tool.
As opposed to Google, Tineye provides a set of APIs that can be used for personal and commercial purposes, which makes it very useful for developers.


Is it difficult to stick to goals? If yes, then let Stickk help you reach your goals.
It makes use of commitment contracts to empower you to better your lifestyle.


It is an online Image editor, that allows you to touch up your images.
Also, you can apply different effects, fonts, and designs to your images.
It is a perfect tool to create pins for Pinterest and awesome-looking Facebook covers.

This is your one-stop solution for converting one type of file to another, and that too without having to for a file size up to 50MB.
The site supports over 1200 types of files. You just need to upload your file, select the format and enter your email address — the file will be sent to the specified email address after conversion.


Like email addresses, you might sometimes need a temporary webpage. lets you create a page without any coding.
You are good to go after simple sign-up. The webpage and all its content will be automatically deleted after 90days.

They say that white noise can enhance creativity and productivity. This site presents a selection of background noises for both working and relaxing. – the amazing simple site that gives you some interactive perspective on the size of the universe. – A website that lets you watch thousands of documentaries for free. – a ridiculously entertaining website that shows you a picture to wherever you put your computer.

Ever look at a book and think, “Damn, Look at all those pages.” Well, be intimidated no longer. Use this website to find out how long a given book will typically take a person to read.

This site allows you to Download any video on Youtube as an amp3 file.
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