How to Start a Money-Making Blog.[WP Guide 2022]

Looking for an easy guide on how to start a money-making blog?

The step-by-step guide in this article will show you how to start a money-making blog in 20 minutes with just the most basic skills.

After completing this guide, you will have a beautiful blog that is ready to share with the world.

This guide is made especially for beginners. I’ll walk you through each and every step, using lots of pictures and videos to make it clear.

One thing is needed to become a successful blogger: a passion for your topic.

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of blogging. The process of starting a successful blog is made so much easier when you write about things you are passionate about. You must write about topics that are of genuine interest to you so that your passion shines through and your readers are engaged.

Here are 7 steps to start a money-making blog:

I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating. This free guide is all about blogging for beginners and will teach you how to become a blogger with just the most basic computer skills. So whether you’re 18 or 60, you can create your own blog in 20 minutes.

Choose a Right Blog Niche

start a money-making blog
Start a money-making blog

Everyone can start a blog, but to rank it, many people get killed and stop working on the blog. Because a lot of people were already working on the niche in which he started his blog.
In such a situation, if a new blogger works on the same topic. So it will be very difficult for him to rank his blog post. So which topic should you choose, let us also know about it?
Before starting a blog, you should choose your topic because suppose you have created your blog on such a topic and you do not have much knowledge about it, then you will not be able to write more posts on that blog because you have to know more about it. It is not.
That is why you should choose the topic of your blog in such a way that you do not feel bored at all while writing.

How to choose a niche

Perhaps all of you must also know very well that most blogs stop working on their blog because of this because they did not choose the topic of their blog correctly. So let us now know what we have to do to find a good topic.
So if you ask this question to any blogger, then all will give you the same answer you have good knowledge about whatever field or whatever. You start your blog with the same topic.
What do you guys think? Should we do the same? Whatever we have good knowledge about, we should make a blog only about it.
That’s not enough, let’s say whatever you know about and you have made a blog on it. But no one wants to know about that information of yours, so you also have to see whether people want to read that blog of yours or not.
I would like to tell you about this whether no, we should not do this, we have to see many things even after this, only to see what we have good knowledge about.
Now you must be thinking that how will this thing be known whether people want to read about that topic or not. Or say, how many people are there on the internet who search to know about that information.

Types of Blogging Niche

Niche means the topic on which you create your blog, if we talk about the types of niches: –

So these are of two types

  • A Global Niche and
  • Second Micro Niche.

Global Niche was fine according to the earlier times so we can also say broad Niche as health is a global niche, in this, you can write anything related to health and create many sub-topics.

But now is the time for Micro niches like in health you will find all other topics and niches Mother health, baby care, Yoga easy, and Men’s Fitness these are called micro-niche.

Interest And Passion

You make your blog on the topic on which you are interested and you are curious to know the things related to it, about which you talk more, search or think like anything sports, fashion, finance, economy, education, parenting, travels, kids, family, food, health and anything else.

Google Trending Topics

Whatever is going on in the trend, you can also see it, as there was a time when PUBG game was very much in the market, for many years many people used to search about this game, you will find many youtube videos and blogs on it. The searches were too many.

You can also see something about which people want to know, you can start your blog by taking the knowledge on that too.


If you have any skills or have some other experience then you can create a blog and learn people online with the help of your blog if you have excel in computer or knowledge of words, DIY or home decor, Gardening, You can make your blog on kids training, family and parenting, cooking, whatever you like.

Choosing a niche for your blog is the most important thing, for this, you should not be in a hurry at all. You should choose Blogging Niche very carefully and very wisely.
Because you can change a lot in your blog such as you can change the blog theme, you can change the plugin, even you can change your blogging platform, what cannot be changed is your Niche.
Whatever niche you select, you also purchase your domain name from the same name, and all your blog posts are also related to the same topic, even if your audience is niche-specific.
The real thing is that Blogging Niche means your online business which you select once and do all your hard work on it. Before selecting a blogging niche, you should keep some things in mind such as:-

Search Volume

In whatever topic you are going to start your blog, you have to see its Search Volume. Search Volume means how many people search related to that topic, the higher the search volume, the more it is good for you.
For example, if you start a business, then you must do research about your potential customers and not the maximum number of customers in the market for your products and services.
Same as when you start your blog, you have to see the search volume, from which you know how many people are searching on the internet about your topic.
Niche Blogs with high search volume and low competition are quick success addresses, further, we will discuss this, and read this post till the end.


CPC means Cost Per Click, it is also called Pay-Per-click, it can be the commission amount decided between the advertiser and the publisher which is based below. The cups are very high in some niches and there are many such niches in which the cups are also zero.
Most of the people of today’s time make blogs for income and profit, if you suck someone down whose cups are zero, then your earning will be nagi.
And you will not get any return for your hard work. Therefore, before selecting a blog topic, definitely check its cups too.

Profitable Niche

Apart from Google AdSense, earning can also be done from blogging, if you want to generate income from blogging sources other than AdSense, then you will have to choose a Profitable Niche.

A profitable niche means targeting a specific audience that has a purchase intent that can make some purchases.

For example:- If your blogging is below health and fitness then here you can sell many things related to health and fitness and your audience will also buy because they are focusing on health and fitness and if they find something profitable If so, then action must be taken as per you said.


If you find any such Niche which has Search Volume and CPC both are high, then before making a blog on that niche, you must check the competition of that niche once, because if the competition below is very high then you have to be successful on that topic. Can be very difficult.

The flame competition for the new beginner should start from the bottom because it is not easy to beat any authority website and you have to work very hard to get the post on Google and rank your blog on 1 page.

Buy a Good Domain Name

To take the website online, we need a domain name. This is because whenever someone wants to visit our website, he will enter the domain of our website in any of his browsers, then our website will open in his browser.

What is a domain?

If you do not have any knowledge about the domain, then today you will understand what a domain is from here. Just like everyone has a home or office address. So that if we tell any person his address, then he,

reaches that address. Similarly, if we tell the domain of the website to someone, then he can reach your website immediately. So you must have done some search on Google.

And there you have to write Google.Com in your browser, only then you can use it. So what you type “Google.Com” in this is called domain.

How to choose a domain name?

There are many ways to choose a good domain name, some of which is that whenever you book a domain name, before that you should see that on whatever niche you are going to build a website. Whether any one of its keywords is in that domain name or not.

For example, if the niche of your blog is on Food Recipes, then there must be a keyword similar to Food in your domain. So that when anyone sees or listens to this, he can understand what this blog is about.

And along with this, you should try in the domain name of your blog that there should be only 2 or 3 words, not more than this. If you have chosen your domain name too long then you may have some problems. Because some users want to read your blog posts, because your domain name is very big, they do not type at all.

Or you can use any Domain Name Generator Tool. Now those who do not know about it, then all you have to do is open Google.Com, after that, you have to search in Domain Name Generator, then open any website that comes in the search list.

How buy a domain name?

So far you have learned about the domain, what is a domain and how to choose a domain, now let us also see how to buy or register a domain. By the way, you will find many such websites on the Internet that allow you to register a domain.

But out of all those websites, from which website you should register the domain, you should know.

So before booking a domain name, you have to see from where you are buying hosting. So are they giving you hosting domains for free or not?

Because many give domains for free in the offer to increase the sales of their hosting, so first of all check whether that hosting is giving domains for free or not.

You can buy a domain from Hostinger. I have told you about this hosting company because here it is very easy to connect hosting with a domain.
And also you get a domain name free for one year of hosting.

🔻 Free Domain with One Year Web Hosting 🔻

Buy Best Hosting for a blog

Buy Best Hosting for a blog
Buy Best Hosting for a blog

If you want to run a good website, then you will need this good web hosting, if you search about web hosting on the internet, then you will get web hosting very cheap there.

If you take any cheap web hosting, then your website suffers a lot in it because it keeps getting down again and again. If a user came to your website after doing some search and your website will not open, then wherever he sees your website in the future, he will not open it.

So that is why you should take good web hosting to make a good website.

Video Tutorials that You Must Watch

What is Hosting?

Those who do not know about web hosting, then they can only know that we need land to build our house. In the same way, we need web hosting to bring our website online. All the Images, Videos, PDFs, or all other important files of the website are saved on this hosting.

You will find many such companies that sell web hosting. Some of which are:- Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Reseller Club, etc. There are so many web hosting companies that you cannot think of them.

But from which of these companies web hosting should be taken. This question must have come to your mind also. So I am going to tell you about two of these hosting companies. Which will be very good for starting your blogging career.

I am going to tell you about Hostinger from here we can start our first blog. So let’s know how to buy hosting from Hostinger.
To buy this hosting, you will need any Visa Card or International Card, nowadays everyone uses UPI.

You can also pay with UPI to buy hosting, or you can also pay with any of your normal debit cards (ATM cards). Let us know how you will buy hosting for your website from Hostinger.

So first of all you open Hostinger.On the website by clicking on my given link, then here you have to choose the hosting plan according to you, if you take its Premium Web Hosting plan for 48 months then For that you will have to pay ₹ 149 per month.

best web hosting provider
Best Web Hosting Provider

Whichever hosting you want to take, you will get the option of Add to Cart under it, you will have to click on it. Then on the next page that will open, you will have to fill in all the details of the payment. (But before that you must create an account on Hostinger)

If you have taken Premium Web Hosting, then you will also get a domain for free, so fill in the domain box with whatever name you want to buy the domain.

🔻 Free Domain with One Year Web Hosting 🔻

After doing that, you just have to comment, after that when the payment goes, you will also get a confirmation mail. In that, you will get the Username and Passwords of Cpanel.

Now all you have to do is connect your domain and hosting together.


5 Simple Steps to Install WordPress on Any Web Hosting

Basic Setup Blog

Now you can see by entering the domain name of your website in any browser, your website will start opening. But right now our website will be looking normal, we have to do some things to make this website even better.

Before doing all these things, we have to enter in the Dashboard of our website, for that, we have to write Wp-Admin with our domain in our browser such as:- “Www.Yourdomain.Com/Wp-Admin”

When you write your domain in this way, a page will appear on the screen where you will be asked for your Email Id and Password, you have to enter the same Email Id and Password that you had entered while installing WordPress in Hostinger.

When Dashboard will open, first of all, you have to enter your Site Name because the Default Site Name is written in it. Because of this when you open your website, you get the title by doing My Site there,

So to change it, you have to go to Settings, and after that, you have to change the Site Name and Tagline by going to General Settings.

Then after that, you have to change the permalink inside the settings itself. Permalink or Slug It means that whenever you create a post or page

So you would have seen a URL like this before Www.Yourdomain.Com/2020/06/Page-Name.Html

The show will be something like this, which we have to change to Www.Yourdomain.Com/Page-Name.Html.

You will find this thing in the settings of Permalink.

Install a theme on a WordPress blog

We always have to put good content as well as a good theme to make your blog good. Now if you find a good theme, then you may have to pay money for it.

But there is also a theme that is also very fast-loading and the theme is also very good in terms of viewing. So let us now know how to apply a theme on the blog.

So you have to go to WordPress Dashboard, there you will get an option on which Appearance will be written. After going to Appearance, you have to click on Add Theme and then search by typing GeneratePress in the Search Box.

Now you have to click on the Install button, after that this theme will start installing, after that you have to click on Activate to put this theme on the blog. Then soon after this, your GeneratePress Theme will be successfully installed on your blog.

For whether the theme is on the blog or not, you must refresh your website and check it once.

Now after the theme is activated, you also need to put all the necessary menus so that your website will also look like a professional website. So to create a menu, you have to first click on Appearance and then click on Menu.

After this, you have to click on the Primary Menu and after that, you write the names of all the menus you want to add here. If you want to add your page along with the menu, then you can do that as well.

Now after this you need to create 4 pages, if you have not created these 4 pages, then you cannot take the approval of Google Adsense on your website. Because of this, you may face some problems in earning money from blogs. Because the easiest way to Earn Money from a blog is Google Adsense and if it is not approved on your blog then your dream of earning money from blogging will remain incomplete.

So that’s why you must make these four pages:-

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy-Policy

To create these pages, you just have to have the + icon at the top, after clicking on it, you have to click on Add New Page. And with whatever name you want to create your page, then you just have to put the name of that page in the title and after that write about the content.

If you do not understand what to write on the page with Disclaimer or Privacy-Policy, then you just have to search on Google Disclaimer Page Generator or Privacy-Policy Page Generator.

You will find many such websites which will give you what to write on these pages for free, they will write about your website by themselves.

So by now, you must have created the menu and all the necessary pages as well.

Install the plugin on the WordPress blog

The only advantage of creating a blog on WordPress is that if you do not have much technical knowledge, then this plugin makes your work very easy. So let’s know which plugins you should install in your blog.

But before that, I want to tell one thing to all of you, that the more work you use the plugin for your website, the less will be the load on your website, due to which the loading speed of your website will be very good.

So that’s why you install only the necessary plugin and try that if that work will be done from any source code, then try to do it with that.

To install the plugin on the blog, you do not have to do much, you just have to click on the plugin option and after clicking on Add New Plugin, you will get a search box there, in which you have to write the name of whatever plugin you want to install. Search.

After that the plugin you searched for will come in that search list, you have to activate it after installing that plugin, and only then you can use that plugin.

All these plugins are necessary for you, you must install them:-

  1. Rankmath SEO
  2. ShortPixel
  3. Akismet
  4. Wp Super Cache
  • Rankmath:- Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.
  • ShortPixel:- This plugin helps a lot in compressing all the images that are added to our website. Many people have used Featuimagesmage or any other Images in the post. We upload it without compressing we should upload all the images of our post by reducing the size. Because this is the term of On-Page SEO.
  • Akismet:- Maybe you all know that some people do Spam Comments on other websites, so if you sit to manually delete Spam Comments then it will take you a lot of time. With this plugin, you can moderate all Spam Comments, if you think that this is not Spam Comment, then you can approve it.
  • WP Super Cache: – Loading-Speed ​​becomes very slow due to having a cache on the website. And you all must know very well that if the user does not open the website in 3-5 seconds, then he leaves your website and goes to some other website.

So this plugin helps you to clear the same cache.

Google Site Kit Set-up

Google Site kit is a free tool or WordPress plugin developed by Google specifically for bloggers.
With this, you can easily add and manage your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and AdSense on your site.
So let’s know how to use Google Site Kit.

To install Site Kit:

  • Log in to your WordPress site
  • In the left navigation menu, go to Plugins > Add New
  • Enter “Site Kit” in the search bar. You should see the Site Kit plugin on a search results page.
  • Click Install Now, then Activate
Video Tutorials that You Must Watch

Types of Blogs that Make Money

Ad Networks

There are various popular ad networks from where you can also generate earnings. Some of these are as follows:

  • Google AdSense
  •  Facebook Audience Network Ads
  • Adknowledge
  • Apple Advertising
  • Epom
  • Tabola
  • Yahoo Network

Affiliate Marketing

Sell you own products

Sell your own courses

Paid Guest Posting

Direct Advertising


So I have tried to understand to you very what how to earn money from Blog. I hope that you have liked this information I have told. And if someone asks you anything about blogging like how to earn money from a blog, then you can share the post with those people so that those people can also know better about blogging.

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