10+Best CANVA Alternatives for Graphic Design [Updated 2022]

Don’t want to try Canva or other methods? Take a look at the Canva options you can use them to create pictures regardless of your skill.

From the beginning, you can create interesting pictures without using Photoshop or drawing, there are many online Canva Alternatives tools you can use.

One of the most popular DIY tools is Canva, a multi-image library with examples of how to choose how to create images on your website, email, and social media.

Here is the List of Best Canva Alternatives

If you don’t like using Canva or want to consider other options before choosing a custom tool that suits your needs, we’ve put together a list of other Canva tools you can use to create and edit images, regardless of your shapes. can understand cognitive skills.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online graphic design tool from Adobe. This Canva alternative enables users to generate three forms of content: social media graphics, web stories, and animated videos. We’ve been able to create images for social media using Canva for years. But web stories and animated video production are tools that aren’t available for free anywhere else. And it’s these characteristics that really make Adobe Spark stand out.

Its interface is clear and easy to use, and the onboarding process for new projects is efficient. You can make social media graphics in a variety of sizes. So, Adobe Spark is ideal for users who wish to quickly and easily generate content for different social media channels.

Spark has a free basic plan and a premium subscription which starts at $9.99/month. With the premium plan, you get access to all templates and design assets, plus 100+ GB of storage.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an easy-to-use alternative to Canva for creating static graphics as well as short videos. The tool includes templates for social media as well as documents and presentations. It lets you choose between a photo editor and a video editor.

Design Wizard’s design elements are similar to Adobe products, and they use the same terminology, e.g., “layers” and “artboards”.



Unlike other Canva Alternatives options, the Pixlr shines with photo editing capabilities. Editing photos with Pixlr has never been easier, faster, or smarter, making it a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Have you ever tried to remove an object or unwanted object from a photo or blur a boring background with pixel accuracy? For those who do not have a strong vision and a permanent surgical hand, there is an artificial intelligence cutting button that allows you to remove the background with one click. You can also add accents and textures to your photos, such as bright lines, dust residues, and light.

Select Pixlr if:

You want an automatic graphic styling tool with photo editing capabilities.

Price: Free; Payment plans start at $ 4.90 per month and are calculated annually.



Canva is great when you use it to create social media images, but it lacks when creating social media videos. Thus, many vendors avoid a deal that creates video because of limited time and resources. And that Tile comes into play.

Tyle Smart Video and Image Editor allow you to quickly create high-quality content and daily social messages. All you have to do is select a template and place the media and message sharing locations. Editing each layer to customize your video will be easy and quick.

The best part: you don’t have to write or make your own video to create a video worth sharing.

Tyle provides access to three million free photos and videos on the built-in device. Now you can focus on your message and take the pictures to the experts.

Select Tyle if:

You create video content and social media messages for your business and brands.

You’ll want to save configuration time so that the smart editor can automatically adjust your design to optimize the video for appearance and readability.

You’ll want to access stock photos and videos in the main program (over three million).

Price: Free and paid subscriptions start at $ 31 per month.



What sets Crello apart from the other Canva alternatives options on this list is its animation developer pack, which allows users to use animated templates and games to animate photos and videos.

Animations are combined with video clips outside of Facebook and Instagram profiles, and there are Facebook images to help you distinguish your name on the web. Crello has a large template and archive library that allows users to select images with multiple options for the database and cover different platforms.

Crello is going to offer free meals but has standard features like Animation Maker for Pro members.

Select Crello if:

You want to create and share animations.

You must share photos and images in the photos.

Note: Crello Pro starts at $ 7.99 per month, calculated annually.



If you don’t have a lot of time as a backup designer, Relaythat is an ideal way to build your brand image for landing pages, social media, and advertising.

Users only need to upload their brand elements and RelayThat can suggest different formats and formats for different platforms. If you have reviewed the Canva app and need more template options to choose from or test your design suggestions, RelayThat is a great tool.

The more images and colors you add to the library, and you can choose from them, the more custom image templates RelayThat provides. If you have already started building a branded content library, you can upload it to RelateHeat, but if not, you can choose from thousands of royalty-free images. It also includes image SEO options to help you rank your images in organic search results.

If the following conditions are met, choose RelayThat:

You can create images for various websites, advertisements, and social media platforms.

You are not a designer and you need an easy-to-use tool when choosing the right colors and text styles to convert images.

Price: $ 25 per month for the Pro Plan.



Piktochart’s expertise helps you create charts, graphs, and charts with your template for your data view template.

Piktochart has easy-to-use templates to enter data but also provides templates for making your social media photos and slides. Piktochart does not offer all the features like Canva, but it does offer many templates and data recognition features if you want to get visual content from it.

The free Piktochart program only offers limited access to a variety of templates, so if you plan to use this tool in building charts in bulk, it is worth reviewing the paid standard.

Select an icon if the following conditions apply:

You want to generate data visibility to share it on your website, content marketing, or social media.

You want to make your presentation slides more attractive.

Price: Free startup; $ 29 per month for technical membership.



Snappa is another DIY graphic design tool that allows you to create a variety of templates, select images without a master, and upload your icon images to add to your design. Other features that distinguish Canvas from other Canvas styles include the ability to import custom fonts and share patterns directly with social media without giving up Snappa

Snappa downloads five free users per month, and free users cannot share photos on social media, so if you want full access to all your designs and Share photos with Snappa on social media, register pro Maybe the best option.

Select Snap if:

You want to be able to create and share photos on social networks on the planet (without reloading the social sharing tool).

You want to use custom fonts for your photos.

Price: Free start; Payment plans start at 10 debits per month, annual fees



Stencil is a simple Canva method that makes it easy to create images directly on your website or social media. It has various browser extensions so you can easily select the text or hold an image that you drag and drop into your design, and it has over 100,000 different quotes to choose from to add to your media graphics. Stencil has fewer templates to choose from than the other options on this list, so if you want to start a template, Stencil doesn’t have many options.

Users of free templates can take up to ten images per month and should upgrade to $ 12 per month with an unlimited plan to get the full functionality of the device.

Select a template for:

You plan to post on social networks with inspirational quotes to attract the attention of your audience.

You get inspiration for visual content on the web and want easy access to your design tools from your browser extension.

Price: start free; $ 9 per month on a pro subscription, which is paid annually.



Venngage is proud of the variety of templates that users can choose from. From social media images, cards and postcards, reports, and presentations, this Canva selection is the perfect choice for anyone with a wide range of visual design needs.

To help you further develop your self-design skills, Venros has created a lot of educational content on its blog to share best practices and new learning avenues with its audience. Like PictoCard, Venerage’s main use is to view data and create chart content, so users can find limited templates in other content formats to choose from in a wide range of chart templates.

The Venngage Six is ​​more expensive than the other options on this list but helps reduce the cost of annual payments.

If you choose:

You have different design requirements, and you want to create and store all your images in one place.

Plan to create infographics, maps, and other data displays.

Price: Free start for students; Charging plans can cost up to 24 per month.



PicMonkey offers reliable photo editing capabilities and allows users to do great tasks with their photos such as great editing, effects and filters, and photo editing. Since PicMonkey is a basic image editing tool, if you plan to use it to create images for the web and social media, the Canva may not be the best option, but it may be some templates and designs to use. Provides assets.

To verify this PicMonkey offers a seven-day free trial, after which you will have to pay for basic or subscription accounts.

Select PicMonkey as follows:

You want to edit images without knowing how to use Photoshop.

Image quality is more important than having different templates at hand.

Price: Basic membership starts at 99 7.99 per month.



Fotor provides advanced photo editing capabilities in a canvas-like interface, allowing users to quickly edit photos and use them to create web templates. Fotor also produces video tutorials for its website so that users can use this tool to learn and expand their skills.

Users can start with a Fotor Basic subscription with limited editing capabilities and advanced design features.

Select Fotor if:

You want to edit and edit the pictures.

You want to create your own website and social images from this template.

Prices for main orders start at $ 8.99 per month.



Easil provides the most advanced image editing capabilities among the Canva options, offering different templates for different web content platforms and formats. Evil allows users to create their own templates to identify their brand assets and create their own brand image for other team members, and users can print images of the device if necessary.

Easil also offers its unique images to users where you can bypass images that are not the same as everyone else on the Internet, and Easil can also create GIFs and static images.

Select Easy if:

You need to create a brand that the rest of your team members can easily use.

You want a unique look and feel for your image and design.

Price: Free entry; $ 7.50 per member per month for the additional membership.



Visme Canva is a very diverse option that allows users to create interesting presentations, infographics, documents, videos, pictures, and everything in between. The tool integrates the content creation process and provides easy-to-use templates, millions of images and thousands of images, and over 50 charts and information widgets. You can add a video or audio and upload whatever you want. Reorganization and reorganization is a breeze.

The tour starts free for basic planning, but all plans include basic amenities such as unlimited projects, bulk storage, and a slide library.

Choose Visme if:

You want to use templates, infographics, and a large photo library.

You can do a lot with everything in Visual Content Reader.

Price: Free; The payment plan starts at $ 15 per month and is calculated annually.



Pixelied is an easy-to-use design solution that allows users to create stunning off-the-shelf designs from 25 formats and access millions of stock photos, icons and illustrations. It provides a complete suite of design editing tools for the most common uses tuned for your business, such as background removers and product mockups. Invite, collaborate and share designs with your team in multiple brand workspaces.


Hope you guys have liked these 10 Best Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design and these tools will also help you.

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