Best WooCommerce Referral Plugins – The Ultimate List

Having the WooCommerce referral plugins in your store is an easy way to improve your sales with word of mouth.


Having the WooCommerce referral plugin in your store is an easy way to improve your sales with word of mouth.

By implementing a WooCommerce referral program on your store, you convert your existing customers to the brand and get four customers. buy new ones without bank loss.

WordPress Full Course
WordPress Full Course

Reward your customers for giving your store to their friends. This way you can build customer loyalty and resale.

Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at the article where we have put together a list of the best WooCommerce referral plugins for your store.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy
Referral Candy

Referral candy is one of the most widespread WooCommerce Referral Plugins available on the platform.

It’s powerful, and best of all, an installer, which means you can focus on your work while installing to keep the WooCommerce Referral program stand alone.
You can offer any type of reward such as cash prizes, deals, or special gifts and increase engagement with your customers. Once the customer completes a successful submission, the rewards will be sent instantly to the customer without any manual action.

Ordering candy based on the simplicity of the owner’s efforts, allows you to connect with any eCommerce or marketplace with the click of a button.

Reference Candy has a checklist that allows you to keep track of all your successes, new leads, sales, and revenue through those references in real-time. Not all plugins do this for you, at least.


  • connect in One-click with other bases.
  • Make it easy to connect with your marketing team.
  • The WooCommerce Referral program is automatic.
  • Support live chat
  • Classify your rewards.
  • Popups that get customers to join the program.
  • Automatically check for success signals.
  • Fraudulent activities will be automatically banned.
  • Reach out to customers even after the sale is over


  • Free – 30 days trial
  • Premium – $ 49 per month
  • Development: $ 3999 per month



If you want to run a WooCommerce Referral program in your store, Retainful is the right WooCommerce Referral plugin for you.

You can convert your customers into branded advertisers increase your WOM sales and gain new leads at the same time. The best thing about Retainful is that it is fully usable and can be launched quickly.
You can increase your income 10x by running a Referral program using Retainful. Total deductions, discount rates, and free sales are the rewards available to Retainful.

Offering these rewards can help you retain your customers, stabilize your revenue, and help build commitment.

This is how Retainful Referrals work,

Each customer will be given a unique link and branding.
Customers will share these contacts with their friends, point them to your store, and ask them to join.
New customers will use the integration link provided to them to visit your store.
Referrals will be rewarded when they make a successful purchase.
The lawyer will also be rewarded for referring his or her friend. It’s a win for everyone.
You can also set a purchase limit to receive Discount rewards. This is one of the new features that many Referral plugins, in this case, are missing, which can increase your sales.


  • Find your indexes in real time with the Retainful dashboard.
  • Revenue can be tracked and managed in the dashboard.
  • Set up your WooCommerce referral program in minutes.
  • Set the purchase limit to get the reference
  • Discounted offer rates, fixed prices, free sales as rewards.
  • Each customer receives a unique link and branding.
  • Social sharing opportunities are available for Courts
  • Add functionality to the drive to capture customer emails.
  • Offer-expect popup function prevents customers from leaving.
  • A pool of special email samples.
  • Special information.
  • Emails are filled with special options.
  • Give signs for the next order to increase sales.
  • Organize your email samples.
  • Customize every part of your email.


  • Free – Lite Version
  • Meals – $ 15 / month
  • Growth – $ 39 / month
  • Professional – $ 159 / month

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce by WP Gens

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce by WP Gens
Refer a Friend for WooCommerce by WP Gens

This Refer a Friend plugin can create the most powerful WooCommerce referral plugin for your website.

You can increase your sales and revenue through WOM marketing. Easily implement the WooCommerce referral program and let your customers promote your store to their friends using this tool.
An interesting aspect of this installation is that rather than suggesting special cash as a reward, you can offer discounted discounts. Customers can repurchase as they purchase the product in your store, a sign that attracts crowds.

The Refer a Friend plugin provides a unique link to each customer and when a Referral enters your store using that link and completing a purchase, both the referral and the lawyer will be rewarded.

It is an opt-in device that also helps you prevent coupon misusage by marking the coupon after purchase.

Of all the plugins documented here, WPGens Refer a Friend is one of the cleanest installs, it won’t slow down your website.


  • Prizes are offered instead of cash rewards.
  • You can share your URL directory.
  • The administrator can view the reference statistics in real time.
  • You can set the expiration date of the coupon.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce subscriptions.
  • Easy to install and organize.
  • Sharing is available.
  • Free updates and support for one year.
  • Each customer receives an identification number.


  • Single location – $ 47.00
  • 3 -Site – $ 99.00
  • The limit – $ 199.00



Unlike previous WooCommerce referral plugins, Gratisfaction is an all-in-one plugin for loyalty, referrals, instant wins, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and gifts.

With this WooCommerce referral plugin, you can offer special incentives to your customers to refer their friends to your store.
The great thing about Freefaction is that you can create and play holiday giveaways, quick win quotes, friend quotes, competitions by the minute, and increase your sales.

You can create custom text and images for your customers so they can share them with their friends on social media and invite them.

You can check all the details about the identity, the name of the identity, who issued it, and more. In a profound dashboard.


  • Run multiple WooCommerce referrals on one side or the other.
  • Reward customers for sharing their precious moments in life.
  • Reward customers for evaluating your product.
  • You can make lots of sweepstakes and donations.
  • Reward customers for performing special actions such as sharing, viewing, visiting, subscribing, and more.
  • Conduct fun tests and surveys to help consumers find food.
  • Reward customers to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Reward customers when they share.


  • Free

WooCommerce Refer a friend – Automate Woo

WooCommerce Refer a friend – Automate Woo
WooCommerce Refer a friend – Automate Woo

WooCommerce Refer a Friend is the right WooCommerce referral plugin for your store if you want to increase your organic sales by running a WooCommerce referral program.

Using this plugin, you can create and run a customer referral program instantly and increase your WOM sales.
Unlike other WooCommerce Referral programs, this is a “coupon-based” campaign where the lawyer has a unique coupon code to share with friends.

Friends can use the coupon code to get a discount and the lawyer gets a credit from the store for inviting their friends. You can also turn to “essential link campaigns” if you don’t feel comfortable with coupons.

You can easily create and control a referral program for WooCommerce customers from your WordPress admin area.


  • You can choose between manual or automatic routing confirmation.
  • Lawyers can share the link via Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and more.
  • Each backer receives a unique coupon code.
  • You can add a sharing widget after purchase.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Dashboard to analyze your program’s performance.
  • The WooCommerce Tabbed Account API allows supporters to track successful referrals.
  • Installation is very simple.
  • Set expiration dates for your referral coupons.


  • Single site – $99/year

Coupon Referral program

Coupon Referral program
Coupon Referral program

With this WooCommerce coupon program, you can attract new customers and strengthen your relationship with your existing customers without spending a fortune to acquire new customers.

The Coupon Referral program is trusted by more than 500 customers for the sole purpose of running a Referral program.
The referral (friend) will earn a coupon when they sign up for your store, and the attorney will earn a coupon when the referral makes a purchase.

This WooCommerce referral program encourages referrals by combining coupons with rewards. So, if you want to increase your customer base and conversion rate, the Referral Coupon Program is the right extension for you.


  • You can offer discount coupons for signing up.
  • Specify coupon types for both referrers and referrals.
  • Set the coupon’s expiration date.
  • Customers can share via Facebook, Email, Twitter.
  • You can customize your coupon and popup according to your brand.
  • Choose spots to offer referrers instead of coupons.
  • Customers can pay their subscription bills with coupons.
  • You can offer fixed or percentage coupons.
  • Reference buttons can be customized.


  • Single site – $29.00 / year

Referral System for WooCommerce

Referral System for WooCommerce
Referral System for WooCommerce

If you want to skyrocket your sales through word-of-mouth marketing, the referral system for WooCommerce is the best WooCommerce referral plugin for you.

Run a WooCommerce referral program on your store that turns your loyal customers into brand advocates and offers exclusive rewards every time they make a successful referral.
The referral system provides all the features you need to increase your revenue, attract more customers, increase customer satisfaction, drive repeat sales, and multiply your growth.

This WooCommerce referral plugin can easily integrate with WooCommerce points and rewards extensions.

It also offers one of the best technical supports that can help you overcome any challenge.


  • Referrers and Referrals can get the sign up rewards.
  • You can offer order-based rewards.
  • Offer fixed price and percentage discount coupons.
  • You can offer loyalty points and referral rewards.
  • Simple social sharing options.
  • Easily track your referral rewards on your account page.
  • It integrates well with WooCommerce points and rewards.
  • Allows customers to redeem their points.
  • Offer a fixed or percentage discount.
  • Customizable reference emails.
  • You can set expiration dates for rewards.


  • Single site – $49.99

WooCommerce Referral Scheme

WooCommerce Referral Scheme
WooCommerce Referral Scheme

WooCommerce Referral Scheme is a WordPress plugin fully dependent on the WooCommerce plugin.

This WooCommerce referral plugin generates a unique referral number and assigns it to you. Now you can share this unique number with your friends and invite them to your shop.
When you share your referral code with your friends, you and the person you refer will be rewarded with points that you can use to purchase any WooCommerce product.

As we said, you can use these points to buy products and discounts are made according to the points you earn.


  • Based on WooCommerce
  • The referral code can be easily shared.
  • It is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can effortlessly calculate your reference points.
  • You can earn points by sharing the website on social media.


  • Regular license – $13
  • Extended license – $65

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate
WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate

Attract new customers, enhance and promote your store using this Social Referral Program created especially for WooCommerce store owners.

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate offers customers rewards when they share the website with their friends and family.
WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate is easy to set up and very simple to use. You can effectively track referrals, sales, and even credits used.

Using this WooCommerce referral plugin you can send customers emails reminding referrals.

WooCommerce Multi-Level Redirect Partner is compatible with WordPress and the latest WooCommerce plugins.


  • Increase sales through the referral chain.
  • Users can earn credits in the store.
  • Points can be redeemed at time of purchase.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • You can set auto join or manual join option.
  • Friends can be invited via social media.
  • Referrers can post custom posters on social media.
  • Level based credit system and dual MLM system.
  • You can set a verification period for credit scores.
  • The administrator can specify the number of days to send notification emails.
  • You can exclude products from the referral program.


  • Regular license – $35
  • Extended license – $11.25

Customer Referral Program by Invite Referrals

Customer Referral Program by Invite Referrals
Customer Referral Program by Invite Referrals

Invite Referral’s referral client program is one of the most powerful yet simple to install WooCommerce referral software.

It can help you grow your business and gain new customers for your store through a referral program.
InviteReferrals offers a comprehensive 360 ​​* referral program with strategy, design, and implementation.

The customer visits your Referral page and invites their friends to your shop. InviteReferrals will email the Referrer a coupon to successfully execute a Referral Sale.

That’s it, it’s that simple and even has a 15 day free trial with a demo so you can familiarize yourself with the plugin.


  • Simple integration.
  • You can choose from multiple customer forwarding options.
  • Redirect scams can be prevented.
  • Fully customizable email templates.
  • Includes a spam-proof notification system.
  • Powerful control panel to monitor routing performance.
  • Free Skype demo.


  • Basic – $ 79 / year
  • Standard – $ 199 / year
WordPress Full Course
WordPress Full Course


Creating a WooCommerce Directory program in your store is the best way to gain new customers by converting your existing customers into brand followers. You can increase your messenger retention rate and increase sales more frequently by using the best WooCommerce Referral plugin.

That’s why we believe that some of the best WooCommerce plugins are included and help you get your business going.

Thank You!

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