5 Key Differences in Blogger Vs WordPress CMS

For a long time, there is a lie just trending among us that it is easier to get approval for Adsense in WordPress Vs Blogger CMS


For a long time, there is a lie just trending among us that it is easier to get approval for Adsense Blogger Vs WordPress CMS.

As it is important to me to talk on this topic about “Blogger Vs WordPress CMS. CMS” because the rest of my followers are struggling with traffic and AdSense. So, I thought to shake the table with this topic 😂

Let’s start the Bulletin,


As we already know, People usually say that blogger CMS is mostly used by programmers to manage their content and it’s easier for them to use and much more freely they talk about it.

On behalf of our programmers’ association of the group, I am here to say it’s a big lie. Most programmers use WordPress to build our blogs, If we use WordPress, we have other options like Github Pages or even purchase hosting from hosting services and deploy our custom CMS with node, Django, or Php, etc.

Do you know why? That’s because we also don’t like wahala.

A Lie

People just say it’s easier to get approved with Adsense if you are using a blogger. Another lie, quality content easily get approved not CMS.


They also say blogger is easy to use, But blogger is hard to use as there you have to write code for every single small problem/ any needy code or just mostly used tags. On the other side in WordPress, you get plugins everywhere.

Post Indexing

As a good example, my most than 50% of followers complain about their posts not getting indexed when they publish their posts. Yes, because they don’t even know how to create a sitemap for a blogger or even connect it. You can do it manually very in easy steps if you know how to do it but for time utilization WordPress plugins do it automatically.

Now, If in the race of Blogger Vs WordPress CMS WordPress is always a winner then why do most people go for blogger?

The answer is, it is free and they will hide under the shadows of complaints against WordPress. Let me tell you it’s always with money that you can drive more money.

The matter of SEO

The important factor or topic is SEO where is the biggest difference between Blogger Vs WordPress CMS. Bloggers can use meta tags manually only for the main site instead of every page or post as the category in which they are written.

WordPress plugins like RankMath, Yoast, AIO, etc. make your work very easy as they do automatically. You also can use focus keywords for posts.

Mark this, in your words this is better to get a .com, .in, .xyz domain and start with cloud hosting in simple lite packages that to go with blogger.


I am not saying that Blogger is bad, blogger is good enough to start with if you can’t afford WordPress. But You can never compare Blogger with WordPress.

Thank You!

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